The Black Cherry Capital of the World

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In recognition of its central location in the largest concentration of quality black cherry timber in the world, Kane was officially proclaimed the "Black Cherry Capital of the World." Kane is surrounded on three sides—North, South and West—by the Allegheny National Forest, the only U.S. National Forest that consistently shows a profit from its timber management practices.

The official proclamation reads as follows:


Proclaiming Kane, Pennsylvania, as the "Black Cherry Capital of the World."

WHEREAS, Kane is located in the rural Allegheny region of northwestern Pennsylvania, a region with more than 80% of its land covered by forests; and

WHEREAS, The Allegheny region is an incredibly rich area, producing nearly one-third of the Commonwealth's hardwood; and

WHEREAS, The economy of communities such as Kane thrives on the timber industry, and

WHEREAS, Kane is a close-knit, family-oriented community with enormous pride in its hard-working people; and

WHEREAS, The Allegheny region is centered around Kane and is responsible for producing one-fourth of the black cherry grown in the United States; and

WHEREAS, The black cherry flourishes on the hillsides surrounding Kane where the trees grow larger, more densely and of a higher quality than in any other part of the country; and

WHEREAS, Buyers from Europe and the Far East have been known to select trees only from specified hillsides in the Kane area to insure the highest standard of quality, citing this black cherry as the finest in the world; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives proclaim Kane, Pennsylvania, as the "Black Cherry Capital of the World."

Fittingly, the Black Cherry Forest Subdivision of large, forested residential lots is centrally located in the heart of these black cherry forests on the northeastern edge of Kane, the Black Cherry Capital of the World.

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