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Interior Views

These offices are located in a recently completed office building and Office Space #1 consists of one office with a waiting room and public restroom, a central core area, five private offices, private office with access to outside deck and private restroom, a fourth optional office, and a lunch room with a private restroom, consisting of a total of 1320 square feet. This office is available immediately.

The rent for both these offices includes heat (a substantial savings to you considering the soaring energy costs), water, sewage, trash, and site maintenance. Both offices have air conditioning, and your only utility is the electric. The large parking lot is directly accessible to the covered front walk and entrances to the offices.

Office Space #1

Waiting Room, entrance to public restroom

Office with access to rear deck

Lunch Room and exit to rear deck




Lunch Room

Rear Deck

Office Space #2 consists of 1080 square feet, with an entry room and public restroom, large central core area, large private office, and access to outside deck. This office can be remodeled to suit your needs, and is immediately available.

Office Space #2


Core Area view 1

Core Area view 2 with access to rear deck


Rest Room

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Kane, PA 16735

(814) 598-1354

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