Black Cherry Forest Subdivision

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The Black Cherry Capital of the World

Forest Kane, Pennsylvania USA Forest

Kane and Black Cherry Forest Subdivision Are Central To Many Amenities

Community Facilities: A Community Hospital, two public libraries, modern elementary, middle and high schools, and a two-block main shopping district are included in the convenient community supporting services just a few minutes away. Numerous churches, representing most denominations are located in Kane, and in most neighboring villages. The Lutheran Home at Kane provides both retirement and residential-care living.

Recreational Amenities Abound: The Kane Country Club, with its 18-hole golf course, is less than a ten-minute drive from Black Cherry Forest Subdivision. Several other public and private golf courses are under 30 minutes away. The huge Kinzua Reservoir with swimming, boating, camping, and fishing is within 15 to 30 minutes travel, depending on access point. Twin Lakes and Chapman Dam State Parks, East Branch Reservoir, and other state and national man-made lakes offer camping, fishing, picnicking and swimming just 20 minutes away in differing directions.

Many scenic vistas throughout the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) provide unsurpassed views of this fjord in the mountains! Hunting in the ANF is fantastic, and picnic sites are scattered throughout. The ANF itself is just five to 10 minutes away with access to the North, South and West. Just 15 minutes can bring you to one of the several access points to the North Country Trail, a 2,000-mile long hiking trail stretching from New England to the upper Midwest. Kinzua Bridge State Park is 25 minutes east and features the one-time wonder of the world which was the highest railroad bridge in the world-and, even today, it is the second highest railroad bridge in the U.S. and fourth in the world. Drive or ride the tourist train to the park. (NOTE: In July 2003 a tornado destroyed about half of the bridge. It is still a state park and a wonder to behold.)

Shopping Specialties: Kane is the home of the Holgate Toy Company, manufacturer of renowned wooden educational toys, with factory sales store. Thirty minutes west is the Blair Retail Store. Blair is a nationally recognized catalog sales leader. Thirty minutes north brings you to the Zippo Manufacturing Co., home of the world-famous Zippo lighters with factory sales store and the new Zippo Museum. .

Within 30 minutes from Black Cherry Forest Subdivision, Wal-Mart and other discount department and grocery stores and three, local shopping malls-Warren, Bradford and Saint Marys-may be visited. Ninety minutes away is Mill Creek Mall, a major regional shopping mall attracting shoppers from as far away as Canada, which provides every conceivable necessity and desire. An hour's drive reaches several more area malls, DuBois, Cranberry, and Olean, to name a few.

Shopping can be easily accomplished in a short time, or make a days outing driving through the scenic countryside. Restaurants abound in and near Kane, and throughout the entire region. There are many unique restaurants, too many in fact to try to name just some of them and overlook others.

Social and Cultural Attractions: Kane is also the home of the General Thomas L. Kane Memorial Chapel. General Kane is revered as saving the Mormons from a war with the United States Government. The chapel, a stop on the national tour for Mormons, displays a statue of the General that is the duplicate of the statue of him in the Utah State Capitol. Near the Zippo Manufacturing Co. stands the Oil History Museum, a tribute to this area when it was the oil capital of the world 100+ years ago. The Olmsted Manor Adult Retreat and Renewal Center is 10 minutes west in the village of Ludlow.

There are many other features and attractions located within 30 minutes of Black Cherry Forest Subdivision, and they will be added as time permits..

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